Our Little Dollhouse!

After we successfully worked with the main marketplaces in Egypt (Souq, Jumia and Noon) we decided to have our own dollhouse to sell on it everything that can put a smile on your precious one’s face and create an unforgettable moment. 

Since door-to-door delivery started to be part of our lives especially after Covid-19 crisis. It came to our realization that it’s time to taking part of this E-commerce industry flourishing. 

Tasalla in The Making:

Tasalla is a project of Cleo E-commerce of 2 passionate founders and ecommerce gurus who deeply believe that the outstanding shopping experience is the keyword of building a long-term relationship with the parents let alone that delivering happiness to their children. 

In Tasalla we take toys very seriously! We know toys! We study toys! To help parents find new ways to develop their children’s skills by finding the right toys and also to provide essential accessories. Furthermore, we offer all of that with unbeatable prices and high quality. 

Our Oompa-Loompas:

It all started with a small team of 10 members. Working hard to make your shopping experience unforgettable, joyful and easy. The team is growing and the more we grow the more happiness we offer. Our team is devoted like the Oompa-Loompas but they’re not orange! 

From Zero to Hero:

In Tasalla we place huge emphasis on developing your child’s skills and aim to sell only the most high-quality toys which encourage learning and creativity. With a strong belief that it will lead us to be the biggest E-commerce for kids’ toys and supplies in Egypt and maybe in the middle east! And as Walt Disney once said “if you can dream it, you can do it”.